Social Affairs Ministry Endorses GFDLP Human Rights Advocacy Efforts

Written by GFDLP

15 Aug, 2021

The Southwest Regional Delegate for Social Affairs, Nimbom Aaron Yong has commended the Legal Aid Commission of the Global Forum for the Defence of the Less Privileged (GFDLP). 

Speaking during a meeting to officially endorse the Civil Society Organization (CSO), into its social programmes, the regional delegate admitted, he had been marveled by the so many complements he got from different legal assistance accorded the less privileged in the Southwest Region. 

“I have got a number of people inform me of the great things the GFDLP Legal Aid programme is doing; From providing free legal counseling to social justice assistance. All of these made me to invite the team to my office so I can officially endorse the commission,” Delegate Nimbom affirmed. 

The delegate promised to connect the GFDLP Legal Aid Commission to a number of socially vulnerable people in the society, so they can also benefit from the largesse of GFDLP.

Receiving the endorsement, the President of GFDLP and head of the Legal Aid Commission, Akoh Baudouin Ngah, said his organization is ready to work with the Social Affairs Ministry at every given time, in providing justice to the less privileged. 

He thanked the Regional Delegate for trumpeting GFDLP’s works to a wider audience. He indicated, the endorsement will extend the Legal Aid Programme to the nooks and crannies of the Southwest Region. 

The GFDLP Legal Aid is a programme run by a commission of legal luminaries from across Cameroon. It seeks to bridge the gap between the socially vulnerable and justice. According to the Commission, the less privileged and defenceless in society are identified and given proper legal counseling so they can seek justice. 

The Commission’s head office is based in Buea. GFDLP is a Human Rights Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). It is headquartered in Yaoundé, Centre Region, with a Branch office in Buea, Southwest Region. Its aim is to promote and protect the rights of the socially vulnerable

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